May 14, 2021

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INTERVIEW: Dmitry Kleshnin, OCS

by Stuart Wilson, Monday 10 June 2013

Established in 1994, OCS has established itself as a premier broadline distributor in the Russian market. Today the company has 28 offices across Russia and Kazakhstan and is focused on channel sales of a wide selection of technology solutions and products. OCS, a subsidiary of National Computer Corporation (NCC) works with the world’s biggest vendors and serves a customer base of more than 10,000 channel companies. Channel EMEA caught up with Dmitry Kleshnin, VP at OCS, ahead of the distributor’s participation at this month’s DISTREE Russia & CIS channel event in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Channel EMEA (CE): What does OCS want to achieve at DISTREE Russia & CIS 2013? What are the key objectives you have for the event?

Dmitry Kleshnin (DK): We will use our participation at the event to find out more about current and future trends in the market. DISTREE Russia & CIS is a very significant event and many of our partners – be they vendors or resellers – will be there. It is a great opportunity to meet them face-to-face and discuss pressing issues. Direct communication with business partners is always valuable. DISTREE Russia & CIS also allows us to meet new partners and explain to them what we can offer as a distributor. The event also provides insight into future market trends. It is always important to keep an eye on how the market will develop to make sure we adapt our business to navigate a changing business world.

CE: What products and solutions will you demonstrate at DISTREE Russia & CIS 2013?

DK: This year we will be joined by Intel on our stand at DISTREE Russia & CIS. This is an important cooperation as we will look to promote Intel all-in-one PCs. This is a new direction for our cooperation with Intel and we want to explain to new and existing partners how we can work with them on this.

We want to make all delegates aware that OCS has the broadest range of products in the market, ranging from consoles and PCs through to household appliances and enterprise IT products. Despite the breadth of the portfolio, partners can be assured that each product line is handled by category professionals dedicated to that area. We have OCS employees focused on gaming and interactive entertainment. We have others that work with our corporate partners on complex IT projects.

CE: How has OCS’ business developed in the last year? What trends have you seen in the market?

DK: OCS’ turnover increased 24% in 2012 compared to 2011. This was driven by the overall growth of the IT market and the addition of major brands to our portfolio such as Apple, Dell and Lenovo in late 2011 or during 2012. We also saw significant growth in software with vendors such as IBM and Oracle. Our portfolio of home appliances and electronics has become an important part of the overall business and saw strong growth in 2012 – especially in the regions.

The corporate IT market fared better than the retail segment in 2012. The retail sales during back-to-school and Christmas periods were not as expected in terms of IT products, but the impact of this was softened by our performance in electronics and home appliances. In terms of the project-based business IT channel, we are seeing solid growth and an increased emphasis on major systems integrators that grow twice as fast as some of the smaller players.

Dictum factum

CE: Which customer segments and channels represent the greatest opportunity for growth for OCS in Russia & CIS?

DK: The art of being a successful distribution company is to see the potential in any sector, in any channel, in any region. The Russian IT market is very heterogeneous and each element- be it a channel segment or a pool of partners - has its own characteristics. Our task is to understand the specifics of this; to work with these groups to develop the potential of each element.

CE: Why should resellers and retailers use OCS? What makes your channel proposition better than competitors in the market?

DK: We are dedicated to what we do and we are open with our partners and willing to help them. We keep our promises and our company motto is ‘dictum factum’ – what is said is done. OCS offers smart logistics, flexible financing, highly trained staff and strong marketing support.

CE: How structured is your approach to working with partners?

DK: We have a wide variety of programmes available based on financing, technical information and support, education and project assistance. OCS is very active in terms of marketing and runs promotions, advertising campaigns and provides PR support. We work closely with leading IT publications in Russia, both online and print media.

In 2012, we held more than 500 separate marketing activities including training and seminars to help improve partner skills. Making sure than channel partners have the right competencies and skill sets is critical to the success of projects. We work closely with vendors to ensure that channel partners are up to speed with technologies that are new to the market.

We have helped vendors such as EMC and Symantec set up demonstrations of new solutions and we will actually work alongside partners to help on the initial installations with customers. To do this we have a team of certified engineers that work alongside partners to help deliver new solutions.

CE: What market trends have you identified that are impacting OCS business at present?

DK: The Russian IT market is synchronising bit by bit with the IT markets of Europe and US. The pace of synchronisation is fast in the retail space, but there is a steadier rate in terms of corporate IT. Retail sales of PCs and components were soft in Autumn 2012 but there was still strong growth in terms of tablets. On the corporate side, we are seeing an increasing focus on the large systems integrators when it comes to projects. They are growing twice as fast as small and medium systems integrators. We are seeing an increase in small and medium-sized commercial IT projects and this is positive because this side if the business is influenced less by macro-economic and political factors.

CE: What are your overall channel goals and aims for 2013 in Russia & CIS?

DK: Last year, we introduced games and interactive entertainment as a new area of business for OCS. This includes gaming consoles, video games and a variety of gadgets and accessories. For us it is a whole new segment that is very promising. We have formed a strong team around this area.

OCS continues to grow in terms of the number of cities we operate in and the number of partners we serve. It is important for us to keep developing and build channels for new products. We will also continue to drive partner education in the market.

We are pleased to once again participate at DISTREE Russia & CIS. This is one of the main events for the IT channel. We hope that all the delegates at this year’s event enjoy positive dialogue and that together we open up new business opportunities across the region.


DISTREE Russia & CIS is the region’s premier annual channel event for vendors looking to manage, build or launch channels in this strategically important market. Leading retailers, resellers and distributors from across Russia & CIS attend the event, allowing vendors to accelerate their channel development and drive business success across Russia & CIS.

DISTREE Russia & CIS operates a unique business model based on an ‘invitation only’ event format, offering a compelling mix of pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings, keynotes, awards and networking opportunities for vendors and channel executives operating in the Russia & CIS region. For more information, visit

DISTREE Russia & CIS 2013 is scheduled to take place place at the Pulkovskaya Radisson Hotel in St. Petersburg from June 25th to 27th. Vendors wishing to attend the event should contact quoting code DRU13.


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