May 17, 2021

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Microsoft outlines strategy to Latin American channel

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 11 September 2012

Fabricia Degiovanni, consumer channel group lead at Microsoft Argentina and Uruguay, took to the stage at DISTREE Latin America today to discuss the vendor’s plans for the region. Retailers and distributors from across the region attended the session as Degiovanni covered Microsoft’s upcoming product launches and the opportunity for channel partners to tap into consumer demand in the region. “We are convinced we are starting a new era for Microsoft,” declared Degiovanni.

“More and more technology is evolving towards natural interfaces – people are demanding new ways of communicating with devices,” she added. “More new devices coming to market means more complexity. Most people have three or four devices. That means big challenges and new complexities in terms of administration and managing these devices.”

With Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system scheduled to launch in late October, the vendor is working hard to promote its new offering. With its completely renovated user interface, Microsoft believes that Windows 8 will further develop its influence in the fast-growing tablet space.

“We want to help provide Windows-based devices that people love – be it a mobile, a tablet, an ultrabook or a desktop,” added Degiovanni. “Consumers want products that work across the home and office environment allowing them to access and integrate information everywhere.”

“The PC market is expected to grow at 15% to 18% in the next year while the tablet market is expected to grow 65%,” added Degiovanni. “We expect tablet growth and we are ready for it with Windows 8.”

Microsoft paints a compelling picture of users ‘wanting’ a tablet but ‘needing’ a PC. Detachable keyboards for tablets are seen as a viable solution with Windows 8 providing a flexible operating system giving the user a choice of how to interact with the software.

“Microsoft will focus on communicating the strength of Windows 8 on tablets and this includes working alongside major hardware players in the space,” she added. “You will also hear more about the advantages and improved functionality of Windows 8 interacting with the cloud and apps store.”

“Worldwide, Windows 8 is getting double the investment Windows 7 received in terms of marketing, advertising and education. This means much more demand creation in the market,” concluded Degiovanni.

Microsoft is Platinum Sponsor of DISTREE Latin America 2012, which is taking place this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

DISTREE Latin America

The 2nd annual DISTREE Latin America takes place on September 11-13th 2012 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. DISTREE Events expanded into the Latin American market in 2011, driven by demand from ICT and consumer electronics (CE) vendors for a regional channel development platform. DISTREE Latin America offers easy access to major buyers from across this vast region in one place at one time.

DISTREE Latin America offers vendors a powerful and cost-effective platform to meet senior executives from major distributors and retailers from across this vast continent, accelerating channel development for all attendees. Follow DISTREE Latin America updates on Twitter


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