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ATS launches SolutionsPath in UK

by Stuart Wilson, Monday 12 September 2011

VAD outfit Avnet Technology Solutions (ATS) has launched its SolutionsPath methodology in the UK. The new programme features dedicated technology teams to help Avnet’s business partners target specialised, high-growth markets. ATS has launched four technology practices that utilise the SolutionsPath methodology: storage and data management; data centre optimisation and virtualisation; unified communications, collaboration and mobility, and cloud computing.

Each practice has dedicated resources and market knowledge required to deliver training and expertise.

“Customers are looking for partners that can provide more than just technical expertise,” said Wayne Gratton, SolutionsPath business development director at ATS EMEA. “To compete in today’s marketplace, partners need to understand business challenges and how to create complete solutions to meet their customers’ business objectives."

"We designed our SolutionsPath methodology to help business partners quickly and successfully develop specialisation and take advantage of rapidly expanding markets. Our vendor partners are very supportive of this programme, as it enables us to promote the best technology through our solutions to selected focused partners,” he added.

The SolutionsPath methodology follows a three step approach: envision, enable and execute. The ‘envision’ step involves the analysis of market trends to identify the markets with the biggest opportunity based on spend and growth potential, according to ATS. ‘Enable’ is all about building up the partner skill sets while ‘execution’ involves putting everything into action to accelerate solution selling.

Gratton added: “Avnet’s scale and scope is becoming increasingly valuable to business partners. As technology becomes more integrated and converged, end-users look to their IT partners to provide answers to their business problems. Avnet’s SolutionPath partners will be able to lead business conversations armed with the knowledge and trends that affect their customers’ businesses and build on their own skill sets to maximise future growth opportunities.”

“Avnet has removed the barriers to entry in emerging high-growth markets by investing in resources to make certain it has the knowledge and skills in place to enable vendors and business partners to maximise every opportunity,” he continued. “At the same time, Avnet recognises the need to remain best in class in terms of credit, logistics, technical support and marketing. With the SolutionsPath methodology we have the perfect combination.”

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