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New TacoBot stackable robot targets STEM toy market

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 12 December 2018

Tacobot stackable robot
Tacobot stackable robot

Demand for smart educational toys continues to grow in markets across EMEA, leading to a wave of new products coming to market.

Distributors, retailers and e-tailers are also starting to take note, expanding their portfolios in response.

One of the latest products under development is Tacobot, an easy-to-programme robot that can play stimulating games and makes learning coding skills easy for young children.

Tacobot is offering what it claims is the world’s first stackable coding robot aiming to bring kids an intuitive and interesting start to STEM learning. Robospace, the company behind Tacobot, is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to accelerate the launch of TacoBot.

Tacobot’s Kickstarter campaign includes a reseller package that enables a channel partner to get 100 Tacobot units from just US$3300 – a 50% discount on standard pricing.

TacoBot teaches children to code with screen-free or drag-and-drop coding that allows them to build critical thinking and problem-solving skills while they are playing. With TacoBot, children can simply stack pieces to create their own special robot.

TacoBot enables children to explore, create, and code a variety of robots and then play with them immediately. This stacking method suits both the hands-on capability and comprehension levels of children from very young ages.


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