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NUU Mobile eyes channel expansion at DISTREE EMEA

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 14 November 2018

Nolan Newman, director at NUU Mobile
Nolan Newman, director at NUU Mobile

Fast-growing smartphone brand NUU Mobile has confirmed its participation at DISTREE Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) 2019. NUU Mobile will hold pre-scheduled meetings with distributors, retailers and e-tailers from across the region at next year’s event. DISTREE EMEA 2019 is a hosted buyer consumer tech channel event that provides exhibitors with a unique opportunity to meet senior executives from top channel partners from 50-plus countries in one place at one time.

Nolan Newman, director at NUU Mobile, said: “We will display and showcase our range of dual SIM, unlocked Android smartphones for 2019 at DISTREE EMEA. We plan to increase partnerships within EMEA for NUU Mobile, giving partners the chance to join the ever growing global distribution of the NUU Mobile brand.”

NUU Mobile has seen extensive growth in the last 12 months across all territories and entered into new markets. NUU Mobile has gained network accreditation in the US and is now looking to achieve this within Europe this year.

Newman added: “NUU Mobile is always looking for growth within all areas of EMEA - and globally - to continue the success of the previous 12 months. However we believe Eastern Europe represents a great opportunity for increased growth.”

As an exhibitor at DISTREE EMEA, NUU Mobile has access to the event’s powerful web platform that is used to pre-schedule meetings for the event. This allows exhibitors to research all attending channel partners in advance and arrange meetings with relevant partners. On arrival at DISTREE EMEA, all exhibitors and delegates receive their personalised agenda of pre-scheduled meetings, tailored to reflect their precise business needs.

With allocated time slots for each meeting, the DISTREE event format is designed to maximise the number of high quality interactions that take place. With a pre-qualified audience of real channel decision-makers, the event is specifically designed to deliver as many new distribution and retail agreements as possible between exhibitors and channel partners.

Newman continued: “Our designers and developers have been creating technology that makes life more fun and a little easier for three decades. But around 2010 we realised that mobile phones weren’t following the normal trends of technology and becoming more affordable as time passes. If anything, they were growing rapidly in price while making innovations that only get used rarely by a tiny number of people.”

“When we design smartphones, we have a simple philosophy: making handsets with specs that satisfy while ensuring the end product is affordable. We do this by focusing on the essential parts of the phone and making them work together beautifully. Our phones don’t need gimmicks and we certainly don’t pre-install needless apps that drain performance and waste storage space,” he added.

Newman explained: “Our free mindset inspires the whole process, from the aesthetics of the design to the ease of manufacturing. Once you’re in the zone, you don’t break out of it. It’s as simple as that. We don’t have fanboys queuing up outside stores with sleeping bags. We’re satisfied with customers who recommend us to friends and technology reviewers who phone us to confirm the price tag’s right.”

“You’re entitled to be sceptical. After all, everyone’s been tempted by a cheaper option and wished they’d stuck with what they were used to. And being new players in the arena, we’ve got to build a reputation from zero. Let’s start by saying all our phones come with a two-year warranty so you know it’s going to last. Get in contact and let’s meet up so we can prove to you what we know, that our phones are well built and great value. Everyone needs a NUU Mobile phone,” he added.

NUU Mobile has a structured margin proposition designed to deliver attractive margins to all levels of the channel and ensure retailers’ margin exceptions can be met. The brand offer comprehensive marketing support tailored to the local market and distributor as required.

“We will work with partners and distributors to maximise the growth opportunities through marketing and promotions,” said Newman. “NUU Mobile has seen steady growth year-on-year in the EMEA region, within a highly competitive market. Our quality, service and product development has allowed us to achieve this and sets us well for the future.”

“NUU Mobile has an extensive channel strategy and with our flexibility we are able to accommodate all channels of business from distribution partnerships, through to working with retail and online retailers. We currently work with all these channels. The growth and development of all these channels is a key goal of NUU in EMEA during 2019,” explained Newman.

“NUU Mobile is a growing brand and would like to meet partners that would like to be part of its growth. We have the team, the history in trade and a quality range of value products to support you and deliver extra profit to your business,” he concluded.

To request a hosted buyer invite for DISTREE EMEA 2019 - CLICK HERE

Distributors, retailers and e-tailers confirmed to attend DISTREE EMEA 2019 will have the ability to pre-request one-on-one meetings with the NUU Mobile executive team at next year’s event.

For further information on exhibiting at DISTREE EMEA 2019 to meet channel partners from across the region - CLICK HERE

Exhibitors at DISTREE EMEA hold pre-scheduled meetings with a carefully selected audience of senior executives from the region’s top consumer tech and consumer electronics channel partners.

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