May 17, 2021

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Dojo by BullGuard offers smart device security

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 31 May 2017

Consumer cybersecurity company BullGuard has announced the official launch of Dojo by BullGuard, a smart home cybersecurity solution. The company claims that Dojo is an enterprise-grade, network security service for the smart home.

Dojo by BullGuard is built to protect IoT devices including. smart alarms, thermostats, baby monitors, smart appliances, lighting, locks and more.

“Dojo by BullGuard is the cornerstone of a smart, connected home. It safeguards consumers’ privacy and protects their entire home network, but is also delivered in a way that is extremely easy for them to set up and use,” said Paul Lipman, CEO of BullGuard.

“A smart home can quickly become a fool’s paradise when IoT devices are not properly secured. Dojo seamlessly protects the privacy and security of a consumer’s data, devices, home and family by monitoring the home network 24/7 against cyber threats. No other product provides the unrivalled deep multi-layered levels of protection as Dojo,” Lipman added.

Available exclusively in the US at launch, with the UK launch to follow, Dojo by BullGuard retails for US$199, including the first 12-months of service, and is available for purchase online at and and also at BestBuy stores nationwide.

The Dojo by BullGuard smart home cybersecurity solution includes hardware in the form of a ‘pebble’ that is easy to set up and free to move about the home while its dock remains connected to the Wi-Fi router. The Dojo pebble illuminates rings of light when suspicious or malicious activity is detected on the user’s Wi-Fi network. Yellow rings indicate that a risk has been detected and automatically mitigated, while red rings of light indicate that an action must be taken in the Dojo smartphone app. Green rings of light indicate that the user’s network is secured and their privacy is intact.

Dojo also includes a smartphone app that allows consumers to interact with the Dojo pebble via a messaging interface, which grants them visibility and control of their Wi-Fi network and connected devices and informs them of potential cyber threats.

Dojo’s cybersecurity engine provides a security policy for each device on the home Wi-Fi network. This policy is enforced by the Dojo device, which constantly monitors and mitigates both internal and external attacks.

Yossi Atias, general manager, IoT security of BullGuard, said: “Many IoT devices are notoriously insecure and it is relatively easy for hackers to exploit their vulnerabilities. We’ve seen major privacy breaches in recent months caused by compromised devices, including Mirai, the largest ever DDOS attack launched from an IoT botnet, smart TVs hacked by the CIA, and even smart teddy bears go from cuddly to creepy.”

“Device manufacturers often sacrifice security for speed to market and consumers are unwittingly paying the price. Dojo solves the IoT security conundrum and protects every smart home device to ensure security and privacy,” Atias added.

According to a recent report from Gartner, the number of connected IoT devices is forecast to reach 8.4 billion by the end of 2017 – up 31% from 2016 – and reach 20.4 billion by 2020. In a recent survey of 2000 U.S consumers conducted by BullGuard about IoT device adoption, nearly 70% of consumers said they have concerns about privacy invasion, and 23% stated that they lack the technical ability to secure their smart home devices.

Dojo by BullGuard aims to make it easy for consumers to protect their privacy and their family by seamlessly monitoring and protecting their smart home devices against all cybersecurity threats.

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May, 2021

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