June 18, 2021

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Badgy eyes Middle East channel expansion

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 10 January 2017

Plastic card printer brand Badgy, part of the Evolis Group, is ready to expand its channel reach into the Middle East in 2017. Badgy will attend DISTREE EMEA, which takes place in Monaco on February 21-24th, gathering hundreds of senior executives from distributors across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) theatre. Olivier Chevance, EMEA business manager at Badgy, believes the event will provide a range of business development opportunities that Badgy can take full advantage of in 2017.

Chevance said: “Having developed almost full coverage of the European Market, the next step for our plastic card printer Badgy is to approach the Middle East and build a strong channel to sustain the skyrocketing growth of Badgy sales. Our goal is to identify, meet and eventually recruit the future distributors for the Badgy solutions in this specific area.”

“We will showcase the plastic card printers Badgy100 and Badgy200, with their consumables - ribbons and blank cards. Badgy is a unique ready-to-use system that will allow distributors to address SMBs, complementing their existing product portfolio. This original solution has a proven business potential for security agencies, schools, small and medium retailers, SMBs and marketing departments,” he added.

Badgy registered a double-digit sales growth in Europe in the last 12 months. The company claims that this shows that desktop printing of plastic cards is becoming better known to a wider audience. Badgy has achieved a stable balance between sales of its two products: the entry level printer and the mid-range printer.

“We separated IT distribution from office supply distribution, which enabled us to develop a more strategic approach and to build strong business relationships,” explained Chevance. “We are still looking for IT partners in the Nordic countries except Sweden, in Eastern Europe except Russia, in Italy, in the Middle East and in South Africa.”

The Badgy channel programme includes comfortable front margin on both consumables and printers. Badgy offers a range of POS materials, marketing content and tailored marketing programmes for its partners.

“We registered a 35% growth in all European countries,” said Chevance. “The identification of people and products is becoming key for security reasons, and became quickly the major trend impacting our growth.”

“All Evolis products and the Badgy brand are sold 100% indirectly. We are usually working with a distributor that is helping us addressing the resellers. This strategy reinforces the message we always communicated to the market: we are not looking for a very large channel network, but we are looking for dedicated and trusted partners,” he concluded.

As a leader in plastic card printing solutions, Badgy is now developing a new approach that aims to make its offerings both available to and affordable for SMBs.

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June, 2021

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