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APAC ambitions for Blaupunkt brand

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 11 October 2016

The iconic Blaupunkt brand could soon become a much more common sight in consumer electronics channels in Asia Pacific (APAC). Blaupunkt’s international licensing team will participate at next month’s DISTREE APAC to identify and recruit new brand licensees. DISTREE APAC’s delegate base includes senior executives from vendors, distributors and retailers – all potential brand licensee partners for Blaupunkt.

The Blaupunkt delegation at DISTREE APAC will be led by Guenael Bourtembourg and Prasanna Pilimatalauwe, international licensing and sales managers at Blaupunkt. Delegates attending DISTREE APAC will have the opportunity to attend a workshop on Thursday 3rd November focused on the benefits of licensing the Blaupunkt brand. DISTREE APAC takes place in Singapore on the 2-4th November.

Bourtembourg explained: “Our major goal for DISTREE APAC is to attract potential new brand licensees to become part of and benefit from the rapidly growing Blaupunkt Global Brand Community. The DISTREE event is a first for us, but we believe that brand licensing with Blaupunkt will be a very special and interesting topic for the typical audience at the event.”

Increasing numbers of consumer electronics vendors, distributors and retailers exploring both licensing opportunities and the benefits of tying up with powerful brands such as Blaupunkt. The licensing model can provide a range of business and financial benefits for licensees.

Pilimatalauwe added: “One of our target groups is retailers of consumer electronics that have sourcing capabilities and are interested in carrying a brand they could control for a defined territory and product categories.”

“We are also interested in meeting manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of consumer electronics looking for a sustainable brand opportunity with a German brand that has a heritage stretching back almost 80 years. We will present one of the most efficient and quickest to enter new markets - by category or segment - for companies that don’t have a well-established brand yet,” he added.

Broad portfolio

The Blaupunkt brand licensing opportunities cover a broad spectrum of products including home and mobile audio, TV sets, headphones, smart home systems, LED lighting and domestic appliances such as fridges and air conditioning units. The amount of Blaupunkt brand licensees continues to grow with new partners added every quarter.

Bourtembourg outlined the appeal of the licensing model: “As distributors and retailers’ margins are constantly under pressure, they are turning more and more to famous brands like Blaupunkt, which they take on under a licensing agreement. The licensed brand then either replace or compliment distributors’ brands on the shelves and allow the retailer or the distributor to enjoy higher margins, as consumers are willing to pay a premium for famous brands.”

Blaupunkt identifies a strong business opportunity for car audio products across Asia. For other products, the Blaupunkt team believes that Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia have strong potential due to the brand’s heritage and brand awareness in those specific countries.

“The entire South East Asia region, together with China and Hong Kong are markets where our brand still has potential for development,” added Pilimatalauwe. “Working under a brand licensing agreement allows a retailer that has sourcing capabilities to increase its margins by controlling its product line-up, from manufacturing to market. The recognition of a high-end German brand enables retailers to charge a premium to consumers.”

“Additionally, the use of a well-known brand eliminates the need for licensees to embark on cost-intensive, long-term brand building. Indeed, with the licensing concept, their products can immediately benefit from the recognition of an international brand, which shortens the time-to-market,” Pilimatalauwe continued.

Technology expertise

Since 1923, the Blaupunkt brand has conveyed values of reliability, durability, quality, technology expertise and German engineering - which are essential to any consumer electronics products – according to the international licensing team. New licensees also become part of a global brand community, which offers them cross-partner business opportunities.

Bourtembourg continued: “Blaupunkt’s mother company’s main responsibility is to protect the trademarks that Blaupunkt holds all over the world. We spend a considerable amount of effort and money to ensure that our partners’ investment in a licence is safe and well protected.”

“The Blaupunkt website is ready to promote all Blaupunkt products online. is available worldwide in several languages with country specific content. As we do not accept any other third party homepages our brand licensees can feel confident of always being recognised as a part of the big global Blaupunkt family, instead of as a local player. Blaupunkt brand partners can focus on their core business as the online job is already done,” he added.

Clear guidelines for online shopping ensure that each member of the Blaupunkt global brand community can conduct their business without interference by other partners. The Blaupunkt homepage is the basis of each individual shop and is designed to link directly to the brand partner`s online shop.

Licensee support

Partners can also rest assured that there will be no overlap of communication and domain names. Blaupunkt preserves the exclusive right to register any Blaupunkt domain worldwide. This ensures that each domain registration for our partners’ e-mail communication, marketing campaigns, or direct links to the subcategories follows clear domain naming standards.

Pilimatalauwe added: “Social media presence under the brand Blaupunkt is approved and monitored by Blaupunkt. That´s how we protect licensees’ business against any unauthorised presentation which could harm our brand. We also make sure that all product or marketing material under the Blaupunkt brand is 100% in-line with our corporate design and reflects the values of the brand. Our web-based database solution makes it easy and transparent for the brand licensees to release a product with a secure audit trail.”

Blaupunkt currently has several partners in APAC and are in contact with dozens of companies that are currently assessing the opportunity of becoming a Blaupunkt licensee.

Bourtembourg concluded: “My advice to potential partners would be to not hesitate to come to us during DISTREE APAC. We want open discussions to assess how Blaupunkt could help potential partners enhance their business and their revenue streams.”

Delegates attending DISTREE APAC can register to attend the Blaupunkt workshop session at 15:00-15:50 on Thursday 3rd November through their web account. More details on DISTREE APAC, which takes place from 2-4th November in Singapore, can be found at


Channel APAC is an official Media Partner for regional technology and consumer electronics retail channel event DISTREE APAC taking place November 2-4th in Singapore. Vendors, distributors and retailers requiring more information about DISTREE APAC 2016 should contact quoting code DAP16.

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