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INTERVIEW: Miguel Angel Sánchez, Momit

by Stuart Wilson, Thursday 8 September 2016

Smart home device manufacturer Momit is heading to Brazil later this month to showcase its product portfolio to the country’s leading retailers and distributors. Momit is a confirmed exhibitor at DISTREE Brazil 2016, which takes place in Sao Paulo from 20-21st September 2016. Miguel Angel Sánchez, CEO at Momit, gave Channel LatAm the lowdown on the company’s plans for the event and the Brazilian market.

Momit Cool

Channel LatAm (CL): What does Momit want to achieve at DISTREE Brazil 2016? What are your key goals for the event and what products will you be showcasing?

Miguel Angel Sánchez (MAS): Our goal at DISTREE Brazil 2016 is to demonstrate how our smart home devices work and how useful they are in daily life. We will look to find partners and distributors, to supply our products into retail stores in Brazil. We are introducing Momit Cool, which allows users to transform their air conditioning into a smart device and decide how much they want to spend on their energy bill.

To start using Momit Cool, you just remove it from the box and stick it on the air conditioner unit. By connecting the Momit gateway to the home router, it will be able to have internet access. The Momit Cool starter kit includes both devices, and if the user wants to control the temperature in other areas of their home, they can buy additional Momit Cool Pods.

To set it up they must download Momit Cool App - available for iPhone and Android - where the user must create an account, or access an existing one if they already use a Momit device, and follow the steps displayed on screen. When finished, the user can perform all adjustments through the app at any time and regardless of where they are. Momit makes it simple.

With all the features that Momit Cool offers, users will see an improvement in their lifestyle and savings. Through our exclusive My Budget function, they can set a monthly budget for the energy bill so that Momit optimises energy consumption.

Through the Smart function, the system learns the user’s consumption habits and avoids unnecessary expenses, representing a saving of up to 30% on energy bills.

In addition, concerns about leaving the air conditioning on when leaving home will be a distant memory, because with geolocation, the user can set a distance radius from which the air conditioner is turned off when users leave home and turns back on when they come back.

With the schedule, times can be programmed depending on the user’s preferences. Best of all, the statistics for consumption, temperature and humidity are available in real time through the app.

International reach

CL: Describe how Momit’s channel business has developed in the past 12 months? What trends have you seen and what have been the highlights for your business?

MAS: The last 12 months we reinforced our expansion strategy around the world in nine countries: Chile, Mexico, Italy, France, China, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Spain. We have been focusing and developing our position in e-commerce and online channel distribution. Also, we have been developing new products to enhance our portfolio with an attractive offering and driving acceptance in the market.

CL: Why should distributors focus on your products? What makes your channel proposition better than competitors in the market?

MAS: Because most energy costs are caused by antiquated and inefficient heating and cooling systems and Momit ensures that no energy is wasted, with friendly apps and differentiated functionalities such as geolocation, presence or My Budget. 78% of Momit users save more than 30% on their energy bill. We deliver affordable, plug and play and smart connected devices controlled by smartphone app that learn from your lifestyle and habits in order to ensure up to 30% energy savings.

Purchase triggers

CL: Does Momit have a structured channel programme? Do you offer a strong margin proposition to your partners?

MAS: We supply our products through retailers including DIY, consumer electronics stores and department stores. We also sell through heating and cooling specialists and online channels as well as through utilities, telecom and insurance companies.

We offer distributors marketing support, from defining the strategy of the campaign to preparing the commercial materials for a successful implementation. These materials include product sheet, produce presentations, videos, manuals, displays, promotions, flyers and e-tailer guides.

Our product positioning is perfectly fitted for the Brazilian market. Key purchase trigger factors have been identified as pricing, energy savings and ease of install. Key domestic regional markets that we will target through retail and professional channels are South East, Centre West and North East.

CL: What are your overall channel goals and aims for 2016 in Brazil?

MAS: Our most fitted product, Momit Cool, moistly targets split air conditioners, which represents 74% of the market in Brazil. More than 3 million air conditioning units are sold in Brazil per annum. Our main channel goal for 2016 in Brazil is to create a new distribution channel with retailers, e-tailers, telecom and insurance companies, plus heating and cooling specialists to expand our business and supply our products in-country.

CL: What else should channel partners attending DISTREE Brazil 2016 know about Momit?

MAS: Momit is an international innovative company in the Internet of Things (IOT) field, which is a growing market. Our passion is to serve customers with an efficient and easy solution for their daily life. We understand that each client has different needs. Thanks to Momit technology and our team, which is 80% technicians, we have the ability to adapt to those needs in order to provide efficient, smart and easy solutions.

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