May 7, 2021

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TP-Link targets small businesses through Staples

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 12 August 2014

Networking vendor TP-Link has announced a deal to push its products through Staples stores in the UK, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands. The deal reiterates the growing ability for vendors to reach small business and small office home office (SOHO) customers through traditional European retail channels. The evolving retail-to-business (R2B) channels also offers incremental revenue and profit opportunities for retailers.

TP-Link’s dual-band routers, powerline adapters, range extenders and switches for small businesses will be available in 112 Staples stores across the countries covered by the agreement. The extended range will also be available to purchase online from early June.

A spokesperson at Staples commented: “We’re seeing a huge demand for sophisticated, high speed connectivity solutions that are easy to set up and use in the home and small office environment. Small businesses and professionals working from home need a reliable network to access business applications and VPN connections.”

“The partnership with TP-Link enables us to extend our networking range so we can continue to effectively cater to small business and home office needs. We’re proud to partner with one of the world’s leading networking brands to offer our customers greater choice in competitively priced network solutions,” continued the spokesperson.

TP-LINK products, including the Archer D5 wireless dual band router, AV500 powerline range extenders and the 8-port TL-SG108 desktop switch are designed to connect multiple network compatible devices, including PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets to a reliable, high speed network for enhanced internet connectivity.

In addition, the Archer range of routers uses the next generation 802.11ac wireless standard, together with dual band capability, to ensure greater bandwidth, increased reliability and enhanced wireless quality. At the same time it allows users to utilise the full potential of the new 802.11ac ready devices that are available in stores and finding their way into homes.

Eric Wang, country manager at TP-Link, said: “New flexible working legislation and a more mobile workforce is fuelling the demand for high speed connectivity in the home. Not only do home office workers seek superior connectivity to the internet, but they also need devices that can effectively cope with multiple connected devices all vying for bandwidth.”

“Our partnership with Staples will provide us with a gateway to reaching the small business and home office market and cement our brand as a provider of high performance network solutions. This deal with one of the largest office supply retailers will further extend our reach as we continue to grow our customer base,” Wang added.

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