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Ingres debuts partner programme

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 9 April 2008

Ingres has launched a partner programme that it claims will both empower and showcase partners achieving success using the open source business model. Ingres, which provides open source database management software and support services, announced the programme launch at its global partner summit in Prague.

Ingres claims that its new programme will help partners increase margins, reduce costs and eliminate up-front licences to make projects more affordable and give systems integrators a bigger share of the total solution.

“Partners are essential to Ingres and we are committed to their success,” said Rukash Kumar, VP of the global partner program at Ingres. “Organisations that can deploy open source solutions from Ingres, or leverage Ingres with complementary products or services, can access significant new revenue streams.”

“Ingres has thousands of enterprise customers and 25-plus years of experience delivering enterprise databases. The company is well positioned to supply technology, service, support, and education to partners looking to build enterprise-class solutions that drive maximum value for their customers,” continued Kumar.

The market that partners can address with Ingres’ solutions is growing fast. Within the total database market the numbercrunchers at Gartner claim that the open source database segment is growing at 40% a year. This sector is expected to be worth US$274m in 2008 and climb to US$753m by 2011.

Ingris also claims that the open source business model helps partners enjoy a predictable revenue stream of support subscriptions. Ingres is working with several partners in delivering software appliances, such as the Ingres Icebreaker business intelligence (BI) appliance with JasperSoft. The appliance business model is designed to accelerate the delivery of value to customers, and therefore, faster realisation of increased revenue.

The new Ingres partner programme is an integral component of the business strategy at Ingres. Ingres focuses on core product development to create significant related opportunities for Ingres partners in business consulting, project delivery, integration, and complementary products.

The programme provides a structured way for Ingres partners to access these opportunities. The partner program is designed to cater to independent software vendors, original equipment manufacturers, value-added resellers, and software integration firms at the following levels:

Bronze: the bronze partnership provides the framework for Ingres and the partner to establish and promote a joint value proposition and is supported via the Ingres website, partner extranet, and an Ingres test and development facility.

Silver: partners at the silver level benefit from a high degree of collaborative sales, marketing, R&D, and project support. Silver partners delivering Ingres projects receive full project delivery support from Ingres.

Gold: as a gold level partner, participants achieve the maximum opportunity and support for building strategic global revenue streams and additional margin opportunity, in return for a significant strategic commitment to Ingres and joint business development goals.

As the programme evolves, Gold partners will have the opportunity to gain accreditation. This will provide an additional programme of structured training and certification to enable partners to be promoted on the basis of their exceptionally strong Ingres expertise.

Partner reaction

Some of Ingres current partners are pleased with the launch of the formal programme. Heiko Schwidrogitz, sales director for industry at Atos Origin Germany and Central Europe, said: “We are a long-time partner of Ingres and really recognise the benefits the Ingres partner programme brings. The programme builds directly on the substantial experience Ingres has of working with and supporting all partners. Ingres speaks directly to our business needs by creating significant business opportunities as well leveraging the open source model for reduced total cost of ownership and greater margins.”

Over at Capita Software Services, Nick Breeds, chief architect, public sector software, added: “At the centre of many Capita Software Services solutions is the Ingres database and a 10-plus year business relationship that was given yet more impetus in late 2005 by the emergence of Ingres as an independent company. This latest partner initiative from Ingres gives us further confidence in our ability to deliver on our promises to our customers.”

“Ingres is a strategic element of our offering and we see the latest iteration of the partner program as yet more evidence of their desire to help partners like us provide customers with market-leading solutions and service,” Breeds added.

JasperSoft has also made the grade as a gold partner in the new programme. “JasperSoft is pleased to be an Ingres gold partner,” said Jose Morales, VP of business development at JasperSoft. “Ingres offers a world-class support organisation, open source leadership, corporate financial strength, and global sales and marketing, which all attracted JasperSoft to commit as a strategic partner.”

“Ingres has been a great partner for JasperSoft – our successful collaboration with Ingres on the IceBreaker BI Appliance has already set the foundation for new product innovation and continued momentum in the market,” added Morales

Companies wishing to join the Ingres partner programme can complete an online application form at

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