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Bell breaks 75 million HDD barrier

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 4 November 2008

Specialist VAD Bell Micro has announced that its cumulative sales of HDDs has surpassed the 75 million mark with drives still flying out the doors. In 2007, HDD sales accounted for more than US$1 billion of revenues for the distribution outfit. Bell Micro has sold some 25 million HDD units in the last two years alone.

HDD distribution is a cornerstone of the company’s business and Bell reckons that demand levels have not yet peaked as storage requirements continue to drive sales across the globe.

In Latin America and other emerging markets, increased PC adoption has been the primary driver whilst in North America and Western Europe the constant need for expanding internet infrastructure, coupled with an insatiable consumer demand to store more and more digital content, has accelerated demand, according to Bell Micro. As costs per gigabyte continue to decline storage has also now become increasingly affordable to the consumer market as well.

"A growing appetite for digital storage capacity continues to fuel hard disk drive demand," said Joe Cousins, VP of marketing at Bell Micro. "Currently, hard disk drive sales make up about 25 per cent of our revenue stream worldwide and we anticipate that the market will continue to serve us well."

Bell Micro expects cumulative HDD sales to smash the 100 million barrier in 2010. Bell Micro claims that it will continue to strengthen its position by supporting vendors and resellers on a region-by-region basis. Bell Micro distributes product from all HDD suppliers including Seagate, Western Digital, and Hitachi.

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