April 21, 2021

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Synaxon’s UK dealers praise rebates

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 3 October 2012

UK dealer group Synaxon reckons that its rebate programme is going down a storm with UK members. The rebate programme offers extra margin on sales of key products. Synaxon’s premier partners are also benefiting from preferential discounts and enhanced terms and conditions from suppliers as part of their membership.

Synaxon recently asked its members to explain the benefits of membership. Simon Preston, purchasing manager at 3C Technology in Colchester, stated: “I was sceptical about the Synaxon UK rebate scheme when I signed up as a premier partner but I’ve found that the rebate I get easily covers my subscription, so in real terms, I now get all the Synaxon benefits for free.”

Anthony Lay, managing director at AML Midlands, which has offices in Derby and Leeds, added: “As Synaxon members, we get more discounts from distributors and rebates as well, just for using [Synaxon’s] EGIS [purchasing system]. I’d say we’re saving in the region of £1,000 (US$1,600) to £2,000 (US$3,200) a month.”

East Grinstead reseller, Kogo, has recently signed up as a premier member, specifically to take advantage of the EGIS online system and save time in shopping around for the best available deal.

Martin Banister, managing director at Kogo, said: “Just in terms of time savings alone it is going to be worth it. When we are spending so much time looking for parts every month, for £99 (US$160) a month it’s a no-brainer really, and the extra discounts and rebates all those things are just going to be bonuses. I expect that over a year I expect to make between £5,000 (US$8,000) and £10,000 (US$16,100) worth of savings.”

Members can see real-time information from 21 distributors on Synaxon’s multi-distributor procurement platform, EGIS. This makes it quicker and easier for them to find the products they need, which they can then purchase through EGIS, benefiting from special prices and terms conditions negotiated by Synaxon.

EGIS is fully integrated with the systems of Synaxon’s supplier partners and members can even see their personalised account pricing with each distributor. Resellers that have a large monthly spend with a specific distributor or vendor can access the full benefits of their individual terms and conditions though EGIS.

A number of vendors and distributors, including Ingram Micro, Entatech, CCI, Fujitsu and Cables2Go offer Synaxon members additional rebates, based on their quarterly spend though EGIS.

Derek Jones, managing director at Synaxon UK, commented: “There are many ways in which Synaxon members benefit but of course, the most obvious one is that they get extra discounts and rebates from suppliers. With small margins on all products, every little bit helps and, thanks to the excellent terms and conditions we have been able to negotiate with our supplier partners, our members can earn more with every order they place though our EGIS system.”

Placing orders via Synaxon’s online EGIS aggregation system has other advantages too, claims AML. “If a customer phones us and asks for a copy of Windows 7, for example, because of the discounts we get as a Synaxon member, we can give them a good price; we’ve got our margin, we’ve got our delivery cost, so we can compete and we know we can depend on the distributor to have the stock and to ship the product.”

Synaxon recently added three more distributors, swelling its list of suppliers to more than 50. Network security specialist Tekdata, hardware distributor, Euro Options and end-of-life products distributor, Xeptor, all recently joined the Synaxon UK supplier community.

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