April 21, 2021

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Powercom targets second tier partners

by Stuart Wilson, Friday 15 June 2012

Elena Golovina, marketing director at Powercom Russia, said: “Powercom designs, manufactures, markets and services UPS systems and solar systems for end user, business and industry, from PCs to minicomputers, LANs, WANs, cash register and POS systems, office telecommunication equipment and global communication networks.”

“In addition, Powercom offers a complete line of power monitoring and shutdown software for most of operating systems including both UPS and Solar monitoring systems,” Golovina added.

Through its existing distribution network, Powercom also offers access to 170 service centres across Russia.

“Powercom offers the best value on the market,” added Golovina. “25 years’ experience in design and production of UPS and a global distribution [network] allows us to produce high quality products at attractive prices.”

Powercom also claims to offer highly effective total cost of ownership (TCO) propositions for users, while also ensuring that retailers and resellers make a decent margin selling their products.

“We focus on the government segment, so we actively communicate with companies which serve state needs,” added Golovina. “We recently secured a significant contract on high-power UPS products in the healthcare sector.”

Powercom has made great strides in the Russian SOHO and SMB markets and is determined to replicate that success in the high-power UPS segment. The company holds leading positions in both the Chinese and Taiwanese markets and now wants to increase its market share in Russia.

“Products from Powercom are reliable, attractively priced and well serviced,” said Golovina. “We offer customised rebates, price protection for large projects, joint marketing, and marketing funds.”

For retailers and resellers, Powercom allocated marketing funds based on turnover and also provides point of sales (POS) materials.

With more users switching away from desktop PCs to mobile devices with internal batteries, Powercom is not expecting growth in the market for desktop-related UPS devices. The rise in mobile devices is leading to an increased use of the internet and cloud-based technology. This in turn is increasing the development of centralised IT infrastructures and data centres, both of which have high-power UPS requirements.

“Powercom offers reliable and cost-effective solutions,” concluded Golovina. “Now that we have established our distribution network we are turning our focus to second tier partners – be they retailers, resellers or integrators focused on a specific vertical market.”

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