May 30, 2020

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Rubrik is a Double Winner at VMworld Europe 2018

Thursday 8 November 2018

Rubrik, the Cloud Data Management company, today announced it has received two Best of VMworld Europe 2018 Awards—Best of Show and Best Data Security and Data Protection Project—recognising the exceptional impact of Rubrik’s Radar ransomware threat protection for ASL Airlines. Radar, the latest data management application built on the Polaris SaaS platform, leverages machine learning to detect anomalous behaviour and accelerates how enterprises mitigate data security incidents. These wins extend Rubrik’s VMworld 2018 success as Radar was also crowned the Best of Show winner at VMworld US and earned the Gold Award for Security.

The Best of VMworld 2018 Europe User Awards, organised by Computer Weekly and, recognise the industry’s most innovative cloud, mobility and data protection projects in Europe. An independent panel of expert judges selected winners “based on the business benefits, levels of innovation and best practice their projects demonstrated.” The highly coveted Best of Show award is dubbed the ‘champion of champions’ award as it crowns the overall winner for the most innovative use of technology.

Rubrik Protects ASL Airlines from Ransomware Threat

ASL Airlines is a freight and passenger airline, headquartered in Ireland, with additional hubs in Belgium, France, Hungary, Spain, and Switzerland. It operates freight services throughout Europe on behalf of major integrators such as Amazon, DHL Express, FedEx, La Poste, and UPS.

Fabrice De Biasio, Chief Group Information Officer at ASL Airlines, oversees the operational infrastructure of 3,000 employees and is responsible for ensuring always-on data availability and meeting strict security standards. ASL is required to maintain 99.9% availability—a maximum of 60 minutes of allowed outage per year. If ASL’s IT system is down, planes cannot fly, customers cannot receive their cargo, and the airline is at risk of being hit with massive fines.

De Biasio faced numerous performance and scalability problems with Veeam, its previous backup solution, which could not adequately support its business-critical Oracle server. In 2017, ASL switched to Rubrik Cloud Data Management (CDM) for its ease of use, cloud vendor agnostic approach, remote office orchestration with Edge, and Oracle support. With Rubrik, ASL has benefited from 3x faster restores and 4x time management savings. In 2018, with the threat of cyber attacks on the rise, ASL brought on Rubrik Radar to proactively address the threat of ransomware. Now, with Radar’s multi-level defence, De Biasio has peace of mind and is receiving the following benefits:

Operational Savings

Up to 100+ hours of IT Admin Time Saved In Case of an Attack: “We experience a minimum of 1 ransomware attack per month. Before Radar, the team spent 15 hours to recover from a minor ransomware attack. If we had been hit with a major attack, I fear recovery could’ve taken weeks.”

25% IT Admin Time Savings (40+ hours saved per month): “Our team used to spend up to 2 hours per day monitoring our applications for ransomware. Now, we only need to spend a few minutes per day checking Radar so our team can spend more time on initiatives that deliver value back to the business.”

Automating Recovery and Reducing Downtime: “Before Radar, we managed to recover from attacks with several scripts and by identifying and erasing bad files manually. That was an incredibly painful experience. Our IT Admin loves Radar because it does all that work automatically. Radar discovered a bad file, alerted him, and he just ticked a few boxes to restore to a clean state.”

Business Impact

Global Visibility and Instant Threat Response: “With Radar, we can follow server activity in real time and react fast. If something is not normal, we know about it.”

Ability to Protect Business against Catastrophic Risk with Cyber Insurance: “Because the cargo airline industry is a common target for ransomware attacks, it’s incredibly difficult for airlines to get cyber insurance. If we did not have Radar, we would not have been approved for a cyber insurance contract.”

Millions of Euros in Potential Savings In Case of an Attack: “Rubrik and Radar are the most critical data protection and business continuity tools in my arsenal against cyber threats. Radar will help us protect our bottom line and potentially save us millions of euros in case of an attack.”

Built on Rubrik’s Polaris SaaS platform, Radar empowers enterprises to detect and respond faster to security attacks by delivering deep intelligence on how and when an attack impacted their data. In the event of an attack, such as ransomware, enterprises can now minimise business disruption and data loss by recovering in just a few clicks across their entire environment.

“We are honoured to have won the Best of Show and the Best Data Security and Data Protection Project at VMworld Europe 2018 for the work we have undertaken with ASL Airlines,” said Arvind Nithrakashyap, Co-founder and CTO, Rubrik. “A ransomware attack on any company can be crippling, but even more so for the critical operations of an airline. With Radar, ASL Airlines is now able to quickly and painlessly detect attacks, and reliably recover and restore in minutes when the inevitable happens.”

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May, 2020

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