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SonicWall signs LinkQuest in Pakistan

by Stuart Wilson, Thursday 22 March 2018


Security solutions provider SonicWall has re-entered the Pakistan market through a tie-up with in-country distributor LinkQuest. As an authorised distributor LinkQuest will offer SonicWall’s security products and solutions to its channel partners and customers. Shahnawaz Sheikh, sales and channel director for SonicWall META & CEE, said: "Pakistan has always been a key market for us, but unfortunately during our acquisition period with Dell, we had to realign certain territories and had to let Pakistan go to APAC region. Now, as we emerge out of Dell merger, we took a conscious decision to bring Pakistan back to Middle East region and support it from Dubai.”

Pakistan has a vibrant technology market that is estimated at US$3.5 billion per annum and is expected to grow by 100% in the next two years to hit US$7 billion by 2020.

Sheikh said: “We are extremely excited about the opportunities but it is not easy to re-enter the market after a gap of few years, which is why after a long due-diligence process and our history with LinkQuest, we were able to team up with LinkQuest as our best suited distribution partner for Pakistan, as we both share the common past and understanding.”

LinkQuest is a Dubai-based VAD with operations spanning Middle East, Pakistan and Africa. The distribution company has a direct presence in UAE and Pakistan and has grown into a major force since it was established in 1993. LinkQuest’s portfolio boosts world class security brands such as Barracuda Networks, SonicWall, CyberArk and Rapid7 among others. In Pakistan, LinkQuest has a well-established nation-wide strong partner network and a loyal customer base.

Mash Khan, CEO at LinkQuest, said: “Late last year, we were delighted upon learning of SonicWall’s return to its original status of an independent company. Having been associated with them originally as their outsourced Middle East Regional office, we are excited about the prospect of working with SonicWall and Shahnawaz Sheikh again.”

Khan added: “We will be focusing on Pakistan, which is a fertile territory for selling SonicWall’s technologies and we look forward to making our contribution in assisting SonicWall to regain its old pre-eminence in the marketplace.”

SonicWall wants channel partners in Pakistan to join its SecureFirst partner programme.

Sheikh said. “We have one of the best partner enablement processes in the industry, which starts from handholding a partner from initial stage and empowering them with required skill-sets, so that a partner can work independently on our solutions. Our easy to use, innovative and technically advance products ensure customer satisfaction ensuring comprehensive security at a right price point.”

“We are looking forward to regaining the lost ground [in Pakistan] and establishing our presence even stronger than ever before. We are well prepared for this comeback with a strong plan and investments to match the expectations,” concluded Sheikh.

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