September 19, 2020

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Savvius targets channel expansion in EMEA

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 20 March 2018

Larry Zulch, president and CEO
Larry Zulch, president and CEO
Jeff Willis, senior director channel and alliances at Savvius
Jeff Willis, senior director channel and alliances at Savvius

Savvius aims to sets the standard for real-time, actionable network visibility with software and appliance offerings relied on by leading enterprises around the globe. Savvius solutions provide insight with real-time views of network performance and rapid resolution of performance problems. Savvius plans to accelerate its channel expansion across EMEA, reinforcing its commitment to 100% indirect sales.

Larry Zulch, president and CEO, said: “Savvius has been around for more than 25 years. At its core it rapidly solves network issues and provides monitoring solutions. We help companies find it fast and fix it forever. We mainly work with medium to large enterprises as our customer base.”

“One of the core areas where we can help customers is when users complain the network is too slow. Slow is the new down. We did a study recently and found that 60% of network issues were identified through user complaints, with the remaining 40% observed by the network teams,” he added.

“One of the first points enterprises have to consider is whether they are actually looking at a network issue or an application issue. It is all about unravelling the cause, improving visibility and identifying actionable fixes,” Zulch continued.

Cost of downtime

“When we talk to a customer one of the first things we can do is assess what it costs them when their network goes down. For some companies – such as tier one financial institutions – they can’t afford to have a network that goes down because of the loss of confidence it creates in their customers who trust them with their assets,” he explained.

“Recent research showed that for a typical enterprise the cost associated with downtime was £150,000 per hour. We want to help customer reduce their mean time to resolution with any network issues,” Zulch continued.

“The Director of IT has an appreciation of what Savvius can do for their business and is normally a great person for us to talk to. Our solutions mean they can deliver the stable network that is expected by the top executives and CIO,” he concluded.

Savvius products are now trusted by network professionals at over 6,000 companies in 60 countries around the world. Jeff Willis, senior director channel and alliances at Savvius joined the company four months ago.

Willis explained: “We are moving Savvius to a 100% indirect channel two-tier model. The reason for this is that it allows us to scale the business properly. The Savvius approach is clearly differentiated in the market and we are already working with pan-EMEA distribution partners. We can work with traditional resellers, systems integrators, MSPs as well as ecosystem partners that may operate as OEMs. We’re moving towards becoming a solutions-led company.”

“We want to lead the Savvius proposition with an emphasis on business outcomes. For our VAD partners, it is all about the three Rs: recruit, retain and re-energise partners. They also provide value in terms of logistics and financial support. Last year in EMEA, Savvius grew 212% and this year we’re aiming for 200%. We’re seeing strong growth through the ecosystems and partners and through telco,” he added.

“We believe there is more potential in the market and we need to drive awareness of the Savvius brand and engage with more partners,” he continued.

Purchasing models

Savvius is aware of how changes in purchasing models impact how they interact with channel partners and has created a flexible business model to address this.

“We understand how to engage with channel partners and know that the business owner and the salesperson may have different takes on the preferred compensation model. The owner might prefer a back-end rebate, while the salesperson could be in favour of an up-front discount,” Willis added.

“We’ve introduced a simple partner programme based on two tiers: gold and silver. To achieve gold status a partner needs two accredited sales people, one certified engineer and must meet a revenue target as well,” he explained.

“We’re aware that customers may want to purchase our solutions in different ways and we want partners that can respond to that. Nirvana for us is a hybrid partner that can meet the customers buying requirements, whether it is a CapEx transaction, a hosted model or an as-a-service solution delivery model,” Willis continued.

Building strong channel relationships is core to Savvius’ business development strategy.

“Our relationship with partners is built on trust and value. We have good representation in core European markets including UK, DACH, France, but not yet sufficient numbers. We also want to work to encourage more of our existing partners to sell Savvius as a business solution, not just a technology offering,” said Willis.

“Savvius is a relevant business enabler in today’s corporate environment. We have an attractive partner offering based on trust and value, a simplified channel programme and we’re committed to 100% indirect routes-to-market,” he concluded.

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September, 2020

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