April 21, 2021

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Ilona Weiss, ABC Data

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 20 February 2018

Ilona Weiss, President & CEO at ABC Data
Ilona Weiss, President & CEO at ABC Data

Ilona Weiss, President & CEO at ABC Data, explains why cloud computing is a core focus area for the distribution giant, offering insight on the cloud trends that will shape 2018.

ABC Data: what will cloud users bet on in 2018?

"The analysts are in agreement: there is no escape from cloud computing. Cloud computing will make progressively bolder forays into every area of IT creating new possibilities while requiring new competencies and security measures. ABC Data experts have studied the main trends which in the coming months and years will influence the way in which cloud computing is used by organisations in Poland and around the world.

Solutions for SMEs

Smaller companies are reluctant to embrace cloud computing, suspecting that any solutions based on this technology are expensive and dedicated only to large organisations. The truth is it is precisely the small companies that stand to gain most by moving to cloud computing. The high initial purchase cost of the actual hardware can be avoided by taking out a subscription to Infrastructure as a Service. Virtual infrastructure is actually much easier to expand than traditional hardware. IaaS is just one of many models of using cloud computing which small and medium-sized enterprises find particularly useful. They will find equally useful technologies and services which enable data processing and archiving – all thanks to cloud computing.

Protecting data against loss

The main way in which companies can protect their data from being lost is by regularly creating spare copies using back-up solutions. This is just as true for information stored on employees’ computers as for information stored in the servers’ memory. By using cloud back-up services, the affected entities can be sure that, in the event of a system breakdown or cyberattack (including by ransomware), data can be recovered.

Protection against data loss or loss of whole systems in extreme cases is afforded by Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solutions. Such solutions make it possible to recover files and application data and to get the system up and running again in practically no time at all with minimal impact on the company’s business operations.

Virtual testing environment

Cloud computing makes the testing of applications and systems in particular conditions very easy. This is another area where the virtual machines will successfully replace the real hardware – why invest in buying the kit which is needed to run short tests only? Reconfiguring the system through the control panel in the cloud takes a split second. Both time and money are saved.

Big data and analytics

Processing and analysis of large volumes of data require efficient infrastructure. Only organisations with really big budgets have the capabilities to build a physical system which makes it possible to convert a large volume of unstructured data into useful business information. This is where cloud computing comes in. Thanks to it, nearly every organisation will find a solution which matches its financial possibilities and which will make it possible to effectively convert large sets of data in order to analyse it further and to extract information which will facilitate future business operations.

ABC Data Cloud, launched in 2017, is a place which brings together the offers of global and local suppliers of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). It is a special project for ABC Data and its cooperating resellers, being a unique source of value added and creating new income streams.

By using this platform, the seller can offer cloud computing services to the clients, and combine and configure them according to individual needs. The cloud computing market is growing at a rate of double digits per year. At the same time, although the role of cloud computing in generating corporate revenues is constantly increasing, the estimated value of the services represents barely a fraction of the whole market. A combination of these two factors makes cloud computing an opportunity resellers would be reckless to miss."

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