January 24, 2021

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INTERVIEW: Camilo Moreira, Limifield

by Stuart Wilson, Monday 15 January 2018

Camilo Moreira, manager at Limifield
Camilo Moreira, manager at Limifield

Fast-growing distributor Limifield is ready to make its mark in European channels with a range of own brand products and solutions. Limifield is a Silver Sponsor at next month’s DISTREE EMEA regional hosted buyer event for the consumer tech channel. Limifield will hold pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings with senior buyers from across the region. Channel EMEA caught up with Camilo Moreira, manager at Limifield, to get the lowdown on the company’s plans.

Channel EMEA (CE): What do you want to achieve at DISTREE EMEA 2018? What are your key goals for the event? Will you make any specific company announcements at the event?

Camilo Moreira (CM): As developers and distributors of several products, we want to promote our own brands and business ideas within DISTREE and find distributors both for products and services. We will announce some new products at the event: first our gaming line products; second, our new core business in refurbished equipment; and third, two new trend products in smart tech.

CE: What products and solutions will you be showcasing at DISTREE EMEA 2018? What do you want distributors to know about your portfolio?

CM: We will focus on gaming, refurbished equipment and two new smart tech products. We intend that the portfolio of our products fits into the needs of our distributors, encouraging beneficial commercial relations for both. We do not intend to compete directly with the products of our distributors but rather to be an innovative complement to their product portfolio.

The two sides should court one another to make sure the relationship is a proper fit on all levels. The products and brands must fit in the portfolio. The pricing must match the quality of the products and the expectations in the local marketplaces. And the people must get along. None of these factors can be considered individually but rather must all be viewed together holistically so distributors and suppliers can all find suitable partners.

New brands

CE: Describe how your channel business has developed in the past 12 months? What trends have you seen and what have been the highlights for your business?

CM: In the last 12 months Limifield spent a lot of time organising, developing new products and testing the market. We increased our distribution channel and introduced new brands in the market in gaming and refurbished equipment - our emerging business areas The highlight has been the online business and promotions on social network channels.

CE: Which geographic areas and channels represent the greatest opportunity for growth for Limifield in EMEA? Why should distributors focus on your products?

CM: Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, Middle East, Southern Europe, Russia and CIS represent the greates opportunity. Since we live in a global age and in a global market where we can find the same products anywhere in the world, it is imperative that companies distinguish themselves not by their products, but by the way they relate to their different players.

Limifield bets on human relations, especially on its human resources, which are its added value in relation to competition, as this provides a focused, committed and innovative team in the provision of our services. This team serves the entire network of distributors of the company in a personalised, efficient and professional way. This is Limifield’s great added value compared to companies in the same industry.

Other important factors for choosing Limifield are no minimum order quantity (MOQ), stocks ready to deliver, exclusive distribution possibilities, partnership offering, constant innovation on new products and services, development of new products in partnership, after-sales services, certifications and warranties.

CE: Do you have a structured channel programme? Do you offer a strong margin proposition to your partners? Please explain this area of your business.

CM: We have a different structured channel in each market and different channels in each market. Depending on the market some variations could appear. The sale price to the public will be the same for all countries but the distributor rate, the reseller rate and the online rebate will be variable depending on the market where we operate.

Marketing support

CE: What sort of support do you offer distributors in terms of marketing, promotions and channel development activities?

CM: In terms of marketing we can provide our distributors with two different types of support. We can participate in their marketing opportunities offering either payment, free product, or a larger discount to the distributor or retailer in exchange for participation in their promotions. This could mean offering a free ‘sample’ product with the order of a large product so the resellers can offer a ‘gift with purchase promotion’. Or we may offer a larger discount on an order in exchange for participating in a reseller’s e-mail blast or having our product featured on their homepage. Besides this we can offer merchandising material for their events.

The second option is when we create our own promotional activities. We can offer the bundling of products as an incentive for resellers to order more. Or we can create samples that can be included with volume orders. Other important marketing activities we provide to our distributors is to train their sales staff on our products, provide product literature, make constant visits in the marketplace and offer outstanding on-going support through regular phone calls or meetings or simply providing new information, photos or marketing materials.

CE: Is Limifield channel friendly? How would you describe your overall go-to-market approach in the EMEA market?

CM: Yes, we have a friendly approach to channel. We believe that all channel needs to earn their profit and our goal is to keep control and work with good partners so that all players can maintain their profit and avoid struggles inside the market. We intend to grow together with our partners and distributors. They are our face in the market, and as such, they will always have our support at all levels. We are strategically located near sea ports, airports and ground transport links, which facilitates all the logistics inherent to the development of international business relations.

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