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Javelin lands in Benelux

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 22 November 2017

Javelin Networks has announced its entry in to the Benelux market through an expanded partnership with cybersecurity solution distributor Exclusive Networks. Barrie Desmond, COO at Exclusive Group, said: “Exclusive Networks chooses the most effective solutions for a dangerous world of hacks and exploits. Javelin Networks, under the Exclusive Networks family of cybersecurity solutions, will offer innovative products and services throughout Western Europe, enabling enterprises to measurably improve their stance against threats, network breaches and data loss.”

Greg Fitzgerald, COO at Javelin Networks, commented: “Exclusive Networks has earned its name as the disruptive distributor and they appreciate the problems enterprises face, in addition to the depth and differentiation Javelin’s cybersecurity solutions bring to the table. We are proud to further our growth and visibility by working with Exclusive Networks.”

The core of Javelin’s technology is authentic resource deception derived from an organisation’s Active Directory structure. It autonomously learns the organisation’s Active Directory structure in its entirety and applies artificial intelligence (AI) to create a dynamic, authentic and unlimited obfuscation of the environment.

It then projects this information on the domain-connected assets in an agentless, undetectable fashion to the attacker. The moment an attacker attempts to move on an endpoint, an alert is triggered, IT personnel are notified, and automated mitigation, response and forensics are initiated.

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