June 19, 2018

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CMS Distribution launches in Spain

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 1 March 2017

CMS Distribution has announced the expansion of its European market presence, opening a new office in Madrid, Spain.

The expansion strengthens CMS Distribution’s position as a European distributor capable of successfully launching and growing new and existing vendors within key markets including the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia and now Spain.

CMS Distribution has a very strong presence in the UK and Ireland, and a fast-growing position in Europe, gaining more visibility in this region after recently adding the Netherlands and Sweden to the expansion map.

The Spanish market is a strategic market for CMS Distribution due to its size, quick-to-market time frame and its fast technology adoption cycle.

“If you are a US or Far East vendor wanting to enter the European markets you have two choices: you either go with several distributors in each country or you opt for one master distributor and you rely on it to push out, coordinate, and work with the sub-distribution partners,” commented David Elder, European managing director at CMS Distribution.

“Our strategic objective is to have a presence in all significant European markets and offer our partners the flexibility, attention and experience they need to become successful. Culturally and economically speaking, Spain is considered a key location for penetrating the European market,” he added.

The expansion within Spain will be led by Juan Jose Ros Lluch, Regional Manager for Iberia, who has more than 10 years of experience within the Spanish and Portuguese consumer electronics market.

Elder added: “Any new company that comes to Europe needs to have a flexible and dynamic approach. If you partner with a big distributor, you will never get the attention your product deserves and needs to create waves. Your product will get lost in a sea of competing and non-competing products.”

“A company like CMS Distribution is the perfect partner, as we are big enough to be able to do the job, yet small enough to retain the flexibility your brand needs. We give products the attention, commitment and energy they require to become successful in the market,” added Elder.

CMS Distribution plans to continue its expansion within the European markets to achieve master-distributorship status for as many desirable new tech products and companies as possible, offering the opportunity to take a long-term strategic view to bringing products to market.

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June, 2018

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