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Vuzix to showcase iWear video headphones

by Stuart Wilson, Monday 28 November 2016

Vuzix will showcase its iWear video headphones to consumer tech distributors at DISTREE EMEA 2017, which takes place from February 21-24th in Monaco.

With 400-plus senior executives from the region’s top distributors set to gather in one place at one time, the event is the ultimate channel gateway for consumer tech products. The iWear video headphones fit perfectly into two of DISTREE EMEA’s 2017 focus categories: gaming and mobile.

David Lock, director of operations EMEA region at Vuzix Europe, said: “We’re looking to identify suitable channel partners across EMEA that can help develop a distribution network for the iWear video Headphones as well as reconnect with EMEA distributors who know the Vuzix organisation and have previously sold our products.”

“We’ll be showcasing our latest consumer product, the iWear video headphones. The Vuzix iWear video headphones are a high-end pair of video headphones, providing users with a mobile wearable video display and gaming solution. The iWear Video headphones feature dual high-definition 720p displays with a field of view equivalent to a 125” home theatre screen viewed from 10 feet away,” he added.

The iWear video headphones use a standard HDMI input, so users can hook them up to their existing 3D Blu-ray player, tablet, console system, PC, mobile phone and even drones. The iWear is the most advanced mobile entertainment display to enter the consumer market to date. Combined with its fantastic audio, it is capable of displaying incredible 2D and 3D video and advanced interactive Virtual Reality and 3D titles.

Drone users

The iWear video Headphones also include an integrated tracker that takes the system to the next level of immersion and the future of gaming. It can accurately track head orientation and movement. When the wearer’s head rotates, the image of the virtual world matches that motion naturally in real-time. The end result is ’see where you loo’” head tracking. Built around industry standards and supporting leading gaming engines like Unity 3D and the new OSVR alliance (of which Vuzix is a member), the iWear is ready to play.

The iWear video headphones are now being taken up amongst drone users because, for the first time ever, they are able to use a digital heads up display that gives them a true HD image of exactly what the drone sees.

“In terms of the consumer iWear video Headphones we haven’t utilised channel partners as yet, as we’ve been fulfilling the European pre-orders,” added Lock. “We’re now beginning to put together the channel programme and expect 2017 to be a great year for consumer iWear. One of the trends we have noticed for iWear is among drone users as the iWear video headphones use a standard HDMI connector meaning that’s it perfect when connecting a pilot’s preferred camera, such as the Connex Prosight. The iWear offers true 720p and takes up to 1080p input, giving drone pilots a true HD view of the drone’s course in flight.”

More than just VR

“The Vuzix iWear video headphones are like no other. They offer so much more to the end user that other similar products that are on the market. It’s not just an audio and visual entertainment product and it’s not just a VR headset - it’s a combination of both. There’s no need to purchase multiple products because with the Vuzix iWear Video Headphones it’s all there,” continued Lock.

“For distributors, there’s an opportunity to add a product to their portfolio that offers a complete package to the retailers and online outlets. Many people will purchase a product that offers them multiple uses, with the iWear the whole family can use them for various activities. With an attractive price point the iWear video headphones are an affordable option for consumers,” he added.

Vuzix claims that its commercial channel programme provides for attractive margins, based on representation, marketing and volume targets.

“Devices are becoming a way of life and we hope that the iWear video headphones become part of more consumers’ leisure time in 2017 thanks to an enhanced distribution network. We always like to work closely with good channel partners and the European team are keen to build upon the Vuzix network in 2017,” Lock concluded.

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