June 18, 2021

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AiraWear wearable to debut at DISTREE APAC

by Stuart Wilson, Friday 14 October 2016

Singapore-based wearable tech company Tware will use DISTREE APAC for the global introduction of its new AiraWear product - a posture tracking massage wearable. Tware is ready to show the world that active wearables are a reality.

The company’s goal at DISTREE APAC is to find suitable distributors in the region that can place the product, as well as identifying compatible fashion and tech companies for joint ventures.

Dinos Demetriades, CFO at Tware, said: “We will be displaying one product [at DISTREE APAC]: AiraWear, the world’s first intelligent posture tracking massage wearable. This product is the most revolutionary and stealthy comfort solution for office workers suffering from back pain, or travellers who want comfort on the go.”

“We want the retailers and channel partners to know that this is not just a wearable massager. It’s designed to be an ingenious comfort and wellness solution that combines fashion, tech and wellness in a way never seen before,” he added.

AiraWear was successfully launched on Kickstarter in June 2016, receiving almost 2,000 pre-orders. The company is in the midst of manufacturing the first AiraWear batch and is exploring a number of potential routes-to-market in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

“We see China and Japan as the main growth market for us in APAC, due to their size and comfort with wearable tech and new fashion,” said Demetriades. “There is no direct competitor to AiraWear.”

AiraWear not only collects data (usage, posture data) but as the world’s first Active Wearable, it can actually have a true, physical effect on the body. AiraWear keeps track of the wearers posture (which is essential to promote back health), provides a much stronger pressure massage than a chair (which depend on plastic rollers) and is a fraction of the price. AiraWear is designed to look just like a normal hoodie, can easily be taken on a plane, and provides up to six hours of non-stop massage action on the go.

“We have had a number of discussions with US-based retailers and distributors and we are structuring a channel programme around those criteria,” added Demetriades. “Although this is Tware’s first consumer product, it is not a start-up company. Tware will support channels with marketing material, plus ongoing social media campaigns promoting our company’s brand as well as organising publicity events.”

Tware believes there is significant market opportunity for AiraWear given the increasing openness of consumers to intelligent wearables, the rise of smart clothing and an increase in posture-related problems. In the US market alone, back pain solutions and treatment is a US$50 billion per year industry.

“We aim to work with channels which are compatible to our brand, and aim to focus on the premium market before releasing a cheaper mass market product in 2017. AiraWear is not our only product and it’s just the first of a series of consumer products which we aim to bring to the market over the next few years. We want to work with a distributor or a joint venture partner that knows the huge potential of the active wearable market and will work with us as a partner, not a simple supplier,” concluded Demetriades.


Channel APAC is an official Media Partner for regional technology and consumer electronics retail channel event DISTREE APAC taking place November 2-4th in Singapore. Vendors, distributors and retailers requiring more information about DISTREE APAC 2016 should contact events@channelemea.com quoting code DAP16.

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June, 2021

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