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Sungale introduces Netchef G3

by Stuart Wilson, Thursday 5 November 2015

Sungale, the innovative consumer electronics brand, has announced the release and introduction of the Netchef G3 Smart Kitchen Gateway, a true smart home product for the modern kitchen. Using cutting-edge voice search technology, the Netchef G3 allows the home cook to simply use their voice to search for the groceries they need, and then from there the selected online grocery store will deliver the groceries to their doorstep.

“When I cook, I often find I lack some ingredients. Either I have no time to go shopping, or I forget them when I’m at the grocery store. Now, Netchef G3 can help me resolve this issue,” said Ningjun Sun, president and CEO of Sungale. “Not only does the Netchef G3 bring convenience and coupons to the consumers, but it also drives traffic to the grocery stores. We invite online grocery stores to contact us to customise Netchef for their stores.”

The voice search doesn’t stop at only online grocery shopping. It will also be available to search top recipe websites.

Megan Fontanoza, marketing specialist at Sungale, added: “Sometimes my cooking can get messy! That’s why the voice search on the Netchef G3 is so great because it will keep the screen clean. I personally have too many recipe books sitting on my shelves just collecting dust, and it takes forever going through each of them just to find something to make for dinner. The Netchef G3 will offer so much convenience to home cooks, allowing them to quickly search thousands of updated and new recipes with a few simple taps, and speaking your desired dish.”

The Netchef G3 will also allow users to remotely monitor their kitchen and surroundings using the cloud surveillance camera.

Brandon Jacobson, Marketing Manager at Sungale, said: “The built-in home surveillance feature will help monitor your home while you are away as well as loved ones who need constant viewing. The connected home and remote monitoring is a growing trend in the consumer electronics market. The Netchef G3 will bring your home into the modern era.”

Incorporating Sungale’s innovative cloud album technology, the Netchef G3 will be able to display real-time photos that can be uploaded to the user’s cloud account from anywhere in the world. Each customer will be provided with 5GB of free cloud storage giving them space to share their favourite photos.

Featuring Hi-Fi speakers with quality sound, the Netchef G3 will also turn the kitchen into an entertainment hub. With all the features and functions available on the Netchef G3, it will be priced at an MRSP of US$369.99.

Antonio Abbondanza, sales manager at Sungale, added: “When seeing everything the Netchef G3 has to offer, you can see that it is both a modern convenience and a revolutionary upgrade to older kitchen entertainment systems current home owners may have.”

Sun added: “The Netchef G3 will definitely cater more towards the modern consumer. In addition, Sungale is preparing to launch the Kitchen Screen, which will have most of the same features of as the Netchef G3, but will be targeted to the more practical and economically conscious consumer. The Netchef is truly an innovative smart technology product that is a must have for any modern kitchen.”

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