January 16, 2021

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Lenovo sets its stall out

by Stuart Wilson, Friday 29 May 2015

Hardware giant Lenovo has given a glimpse at the future technologies and trends that will shape its product portfolio in the years ahead. During the company’s Tech World event, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing addressed five themes that will change the way people use technology: creating more natural ways for people to use devices; building reliable device and network connections; making devices more interconnected; giving customers the power of big data and their own personal cloud, and leveraging smart connectivity to let customers pick the services they want.

Among its new technology concepts, Lenovo demonstrated its Magic View smartwatch with two screens with a virtual display. The company also showcased Smart Cast, a smartphone concept allowing users to project content and virtual interactive interfaces such as a virtualised keyboard for typing. Lenovo was also walking the walk in the wearables space with Smart Shoes, an Internet of Things (IoT) fitness tool

Yuanqing said: “Lenovo Tech World was a celebration of innovation with some of the world’s great tech leaders, our partners and suppliers, and most important of all, our fans and customers. Lenovo has a unique position in our industry because we can deliver the devices, smart connectivity and infrastructure required to create a great user experience and satisfy real user needs.”

In 2014, Lenovo announced the formation of ShenQi, a separate company that began operating under an internet-based business model in China in April. ShenQi is focused on integrating software and hardware for unique user experiences and developing IoT products supporting the smart home ecosystem. Specifically for IoT devices, ShenQi will develop wearables and products for smart transportation and the smart office.

At Tech World, ShenQi highlighted several leading devices including new super-slim power banks, 3D printers that can print food, out of chocolate for example, and high-precision objects, the smallest dual-track outdoor sound box and a smart home control centre based on WiFi. The company is also exploring emerging fields such as robots and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Lenovo announced and demonstrated Cortana and REACHit, a new experience resulting from a close collaboration with Microsoft. Cortana is the personal digital assistant available across Windows 10 PCs, tablets and phones that allows users to talk or type naturally to get things done. REACHit extends the search capabilities of Cortana to non-Microsoft services. By creating a REACHit account, users can search Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and remote PCs and tablets all in one place.

Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft, said: “Microsoft and Lenovo share a long history of collaborating on technology innovations that blend the magic of software and hardware to delight and empower our mutual customers. Together we will continue to bring innovative new devices and rich experiences enabled by Windows 10 together to connect customers with the people and information they care about in ways that are more personal, mobile, natural and trusted.”

While Tech World set the vision for Lenovo’s future products, business and relationship with customers, it also marked the culmination of Lenovo’s decade long multi-faceted transformation. The company has changed dramatically from its roots solely as a PC company, recently celebrating the 10 year anniversary of its acquisition of the IBM PCD business. That initial acquisition launched Lenovo to become a US$46 billion technology leader and one of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies. This momentum also spurred growth into new businesses and devices including smartphones and servers boosted by acquisitions of Motorola Mobility and IBM’s X86 server business in 2014.

To mark this strategic shift, Lenovo also debuted a new logo at Tech World. The new logo offers a more personal, engaging and consumer-centric experience that reflects Lenovo’s personality and incorporates its rich heritage of acquisitions and original innovation DNA, according to the vendor.

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January, 2021

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