April 21, 2021

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Syscap pledges channel financing boost

by Stuart Wilson, Thursday 20 November 2014

UK-based IT finance provider Syscap has ring-fenced £50m (US$78.3m) for the IT channel in 2015 and is launching a new partner programme. The announcement forms part of a wider strategy to refocus the company as the primary source of channel finance. Syscap estimates that it currently deals with less than 10% of the reseller community in the UK that meets its new eligibility criteria.

In an effort to dramatically increase this number, the business finance provider has revised the barriers to entry, introduced an online training programme and launched ‘S League,’ a new rewards scheme. The S League will be made visible to all participants, concluding with annual prizes for its top performers.

Sean Read, head of direct sales and marketing at Syscap, said: “We have the pedigree and heritage to help the channel achieve great things. All of the economic indices are positive and our £50m (US$78.3m) commitment is about us returning to our heartlands – the IT channel is where we started this business and we’re here to stay. We want resellers to go to market with finance as an integral part of their propositions."

Syscap’s new online training programme combines traditional face-to-face training with on-demand, online modules. Content will be tailored specifically to the audience, badges will be awarded to link training to rewards and on completion individuals will receive LinkedIn recommendations. Split into five modules, the first round of training on dealing with objections will be simultaneously released as an e-book.

Read continued: “The training is designed to demystify finance – what it is, and what you can do with it. We understand resellers are busy and this new online format means they can complete it when it works for them – we’ll also be mirroring it as closely as possible with real life scenarios to help resellers close more deals.”

Read concluded: “Our new programme enables Syscap partners to generate increased demand with tailored marketing and promotions, receive training and support to sell more, and accelerate deals with access to expert financial advice.”

The rewards programme will be structured into ‘Strategic’, ‘Select’ and ‘Associate’ tiers, with each level being awarded a number of yearly benefits proportional to their position. This will be offered to existing partners, new vendors and resellers within the channel.

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April, 2021

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