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INTERVIEW: David Tierraseca, Energy Sistem

by Stuart Wilson, Thursday 12 June 2014

Technology and electronics lifestyle brand Energy Sistem continues to expand its global channel reach. The company is a Silver Sponsor at DISTREE Africa 2014 and will use the event to increase its understanding of the regional channel and meet the continent’s top distributors and retailers. Channel EMEA caught up with David Tierraseca Alfaro, marketing director at Enegry Sistem, to learn more about the brand’s African goals.

Channel EMEA (CE): What do you want to achieve at DISTREE Africa 2014? What are Energy Sistem’s key goals for the event?

David Tierraseca (DT): Firstly, we want to get a global vision of the African market, to understand the perspectives and needs of the retailers and distributors operating in this continent. Secondly, we are looking for long-term relationships with African companies who share our philosophy - so we can develop together our brand in their own countries and continue our internationalisation strategy. We think that DISTREE Africa is the perfect event for professional networking with channel partners.

CE: What products will you be showcasing at DISTREE Africa 2014? What do you want channel partners to know about your portfolio?

DT: In Energy Sistem, we think that the best part of working with technology is making complex things happen in a simple way. It all began more than 20 years ago with the design of a computer mouse and now we have a wide range of consumer electronic products including tablets, music players and headphones, e-readers, sport cameras and now smartphones. These are aimed at a young, urban audience interested in digital entertainment. We are always looking for an emotion linked to the use of our products.

Energy Sistem provides their products with an added value, creating a usage experience and adapting them to the users’ needs and demands. Each product is the evolution of a creative process that results in technology created from the heart. That includes looking at the packaging and accesories - everything matters when you are creating great products.

CE: Describe how your channel business has developed in the past 12 months. What trends have you seen and what have been the highlights for Energy Sistem?

DT: During the last year we have increased our international presence in regions such as North Africa and the Middle East. We have also established and consolidated relationships with channel partners that can help us developing our brand in their countries.

We have realised that smartphones are one of the biggest opportunities in the technology industry and that’s why we’ve decided to come in with really good products at very competitive prices. We continue to develop other families of products such as tablets, headphones and music boxes. We’re always aware of the market trends and adapt to them quickly to launch new relevant products.

CE: Which customer segments and channels represent the greatest opportunity for growth for your company in Africa?

DT: Our goal is to be present in as many countries as we can. We want to be present in all the channels where consumers are present and may demand a brand like ours so we are open to all channels. Regarding our customers, our target audience seeks branded technology products with a high quality and innovative design at the best price.

CE: Why should distributors, resellers and retailers stock and sell Energy Sistem products? What makes your channel proposition better than competitors in the market?

DT: There are plenty of companies that make consumer electronics products, but Energy Sistem differentiates itself from the others because it speaks the same language customers do. Thanks to our strong marketing investment, the attention to detail, our point of sales care with specific training, plus our excellent technical support, we are creating a successful global brand that - with the help of our partners - is becoming globally recognised. Now, with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, we can say that Energy Sistem is a competitive company that gives great quality to consumers and a great margin to retailers.

Strong margin

CE: Do you have a structured channel programme?

DT: Together with our partners we develop a structured retail channel programme, taking into consideration the specific characteristics of each market. Retail partners can enjoy a strong margin as well as all the support needed to develop an interesting global technology brand.

CE: What sort of support do you offer distributors and retailers in terms of marketing, promotions and channel development activities?

DT: We always try to satisfy every need that distributors have in terms of marketing. Communication is part of us and our main goal is to reach the heart of customers through technology. We work with passion, from a 360 degree perspective that deals directly with our customers. Our campaigns range from printed media to online services, without forgetting the traditional media such as TV spots, radio, outdoor advertising, events and sponsorship.

We know perfectly well that many decisions are made at the point of sale. For that reason, we work hard to present our products with a distinctive personality and character through displays, totems, stands and all kinds of solutions and promotional material. We create spaces for each client and their precise needs, creating an experience through Energy Sistem products.

CE: How quickly is your business growing in the Africa region or are you completely new to the region?

DT: Fortunately, our channel business around the world is growing very fast, achieving successful business relationships with companies that are developing our brand in their own countries. In Africa, for the moment we have presence in Morocco and Algeria thanks to our efforts in recent years.

We hope that, thanks to DISTREE Africa 2014, we will be able to continue developing this success and get to know all the key players in the region. We want to introduce them to our wide range of products, including our new smartphones, so we can be present in more African countries. CE: Is Energy Sistem channel-friendly? What are your overall channel goals and aims for 2014?

DT: We know that to be successful in a market we need a good local partner to work with. That’s why we always try to build a good partnership strategy based on a win-win perspective regarding margins, prices and marketing plans. Our business model is based on the idea of creating an appealing brand and products that help our channel to meet and satisfy consumer demand with a healthy profit for all of us.

CE: What else should distributors attending DISTREE Africa 2014 know about Energy Sistem?

DT: They need to know we are the best alternative brand to work with. We offer quality products with innovative design and all the added value that brings a distinctive brand at the best price. Energy Sistem is a very interesting business model that deserves to be analysed. We invite all distributors, e-tailers and retailers interested in working with the Energy Sistem to request a meeting during DISTREE Africa 2014. We also hope to have a great time at the event with all of them.

Channel EMEA is an official Media Partner for DISTREE Africa 2014

African channel partners interested in discussing business opportunities with Energy Sistem executives can pre-schedule one-on-one meetings at DISTREE Africa 2014.

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