April 18, 2021

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INTERVIEW: Faraz Ali Khan, Quantum

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 10 June 2014

Fast-growing tablet PC brand Quantum is preparing to scale up its channel reach in Africa in the months ahead. Quantum is Platinum Sponsor of the upcoming DISTREE Africa channel event, which unites ICT and electronics distributors, resellers and retailers from across the continent in in one place at one time. Channel EMEA spoke to Faraz Ali Khan, marketing manager at Quantum to learn more about the brand’s ambitions in Africa.

Channel EMEA (CE): Can you talk us through Quantum’s regional growth objectives?

Faraz Ali Khan (FAK): Quantum has announced that it has embarked on a partner recruitment drive. We already have partner in in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Jordan and Iraq and now, as part of the company’s wider plan to extend its geographical and business reach, we will expand in Africa and India too. The aim for Quantum is to build a global brand that offers maximum benefits to the end users, whether they are individuals or companies. We will cover the various segments of tablet users – be it for work, education or leisure.

CE: How do you see the form factor trends changing in the market?

FAK: It wasn’t so long ago that the devices of choice for people were laptops, desktop PCs or mobile phones. In the past few years, the flood of tablets, smartphones and ultrabook PCs has brought both diversity and complexity to the mobile market and has increased competition globally.

The growth in both the numbers and the diversity of mobile devices brings challenges to organisations along with benefits. We recognise the needs of our customers and work hard to provide them best solutions.

CE: How do you plan to increase Quantum’s brand recognition?

FAK: The marketing plan is a unique blend of traditional and non-traditional methods. We think that people do judge a book by its cover, but we have figured out ways to attract and retail customers. We’re confident that we’ve got the strategies that will generate word-of-mouth recommendations and build brand appeal.

CE: So what do you want to achieve at DISTREE Africa?

FAK: Quantum is interested in appointing distributors that have in-depth market knowledge, experience, channel reach and can provide after-sales services to our customers. We focus on providing the best partnership experience and we are focused on the long-term relationship.

We always welcome partnerships that support our goals and enhance our ability to serve customers in target markets. We care about building a strategic relationship with partners to achieve common goals. Business relationships are based on trust between brands, distributors and retailers – it has to be a win-win approach.

Extended warranty

CE: So what are the unique selling points for Quantum tablets?

FAK: Quantum offers an extended warranty and service solution that helps ensure its products meet the many demands placed on them by customers. Quantum is the only brand of tablet in the world that offers a three-year warranty, three-month swap and three-year pick-up and drop service applicable all over the Gulf region - including Jordan, Egypt and Iraq. This means that consumers are confident in the ability of Quantum products and also know that they are making a wise investment.

CE: Is making contact with African retailers part of your plan?

FAK: DISTREE Africa is an important marketing event, where we will make full use of the opportunity to meet the major retailers in a relaxed environment. It is a chance to make them aware of our latest products and offers, and also to give them a strong message about Quantum’s achievements and goals.

We believe that Quantum products complement the existing product lines that retailers carry and can also add value to their image. We have successfully earned consumers’ confidence and demonstrated that we are ready to scale up the operation. With the Quantum brand, we have also invested in technology that will allow our partners to accept and process larger orders and better manage inventory.

Channel EMEA is an official Media Partner for DISTREE Africa 2014

African channel partners interested in discussing business opportunities with Quantum executives can pre-schedule one-on-one meetings at DISTREE Africa 2014.

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