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Sharaf DG teams with Sky for PC launch

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 9 April 2008

UAE-based PC assembler Sky Electronics has launched its new Expeditor value PC at Sharaf DG stores. The PCs, which are exclusively available at Sharaf DG stores, are built on Nvidia’s recently unveiled GeForce 7 series motherboard GPUs. Sharaf DG has carved out an impressive reputation as a power retailer in the UAE.

“Sky is proud to be the first in the region to launch a PC built on Nvidia’s GeForce 7 series motherboard GPU. This is the optimal PC for common applications like photo editing, office work, e-mails, PDF, music and video playback,” explained Manoj Thacker, managing director at Sky Electronics.

“The recent introduction of Microsoft Vista and other 3D-optimised applications, including Google Maps, Adobe Reader 8, iTunes 7, Microsoft Office 2007 to name a few has redefined customers’ expectations for experiencing visually-rich mainstream applications on their home and business PCs. Consumers realise that the GPU is now the decisive factor in determining their PC performance hence we employed NVIDIA’s GeForce 7 series motherboard,” continued Thacker.

NVIDIA’s GeForce 7 motherboard is designed to support a wide range of Intel processors including Celeron, Pentium, Core 2 family and upcoming 45nm Intel Penryn. This ensures that upgradability is not an issue for customers opting for the eXPeditor PCs. The new eXPeditor will feature NVIDIA’s nForce 630i media and communications processor, Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 2-GHz processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory, a 160GB hard disk drive, and a DVD-RW. The PC will also run Windows Vista Home Premium Edition.

Daniel Saison, sales director Middle East, India and Africa at Nvidia, commented: “The whole world is going visual. Everyday applications are becoming more and more graphics intensive. In fact Windows itself has gone 3D with the advent of Windows Vista. This means that the graphics processor has a far bigger impact on the system performance than the CPU. The GeForce 7 based PCs are optimised to give the best performance at the AED1,599 (US$435) price point.”

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