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MGM.it targets Middle East retailers

by Stuart Wilson, Friday 28 March 2008

MGM.it Store Solutions will look to extend its relationships with major Middle East retailers when it attends this year’s DCC MEA event. The Italian store design specialist will showcase its complete range of services and products at the event.

MGM, a specialist in the design and layout of electronics and electrical appliances stores, claims to have worked on the development and layout of an incredible 18,000 stores spanning 29 countries during the last four decades.

Pascal Maillard, sales director at MGM Store Solutions, said: “MGM has a major interest in developing new store concepts for multi-specialist retailers in the MEA area. MGM is a well-known company for the top six retailers in MEA and maintains contact with top management. Our purpose [at DCC MEA] is first to meet the key people we had contact with in the past and to finalise a contract with a major CE retailer in Dubai.”

“We will focus on the new store concepts developed for digital convergence stores where demand is exploding. Demand in MEA is strong and store solutions and product displays are evolving with the need for merchandising for new digital products as well as for a clear channel positioning,” he added.

With a focus on multi-brand and multi-product retailers, Maillard claims that MGM-designed stores have prove to be 30% more profitable than layouts designed in-house or sourced from competing store solution providers. MGM helps its clients every step of the way, according to Maillard.

“We offer follow-up on store ambience, product display, promotional impact, micro-merchandising and internal communication,” he added. “We also offer store concept evolution, creating a dynamic ‘store process’ with our clients.”

Maillard believes that retailers can benefit hugely from investment in a value-added store experience and the creation of a consistent in-store experience for customers. MGM’s complete range of services and products includes innovative store concepts, customised display solutions, feasibility analysis, store design and layout and installation of exhibition equipment and furniture.

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