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Pleomax pushes product credentials

by Stuart Wilson, Wednesday 4 February 2009

Pleomax will showcase the breadth, depth and sheer quality of its PC accessories, storage media and batteries portfolio at DISTREE XXL 2009. As a brand of Samsung Corporation, Pleomax leverages its giant parent’s experience in manufacturing, quality controlled sourcing and worldwide trading.

Vedran Alicehajic, sales manager for Eastern and Central Europe at Samsung Pleomax, said: “It is important to note that Pleomax is now fully designing and moulding its own range – not just packaging existing products available in the market.”

“We have also extended the breadth of the portfolio we offer in parts of Europe. It used to be just PC peripherals but now we are offering Pleomax batteries, media and flash memories as well,” he added.

“These product areas have become a fashion industry and we understand this. We are working with design houses across the range and all our products are backed by the brand strength and reputation associated with Samsung, “ continued Alicehajic.

The Pleomax business unit is under the control of Samsung Construction & Trading (C&T). The Pleomax brand, launched in 2003, seeks to provide consumers around the world with IT consumables and accessories that are essential and simple to use at a reasonable price. During DISTREE XXL, Samsung Pleomax will look to extend and deepen its distribution channel.

“Distributors are the first point of contact in reaching out to our customers. We must compensate them effectively, set reasonable targets and offer structured marketing support,” said Alicehajic.

“Samsung Pleomax is a branding company offering products that are better value for money and higher quality,” he added. “It is all about increasing the visibility of our products and making sure that the market understands we are a strong brand backed by the power of Samsung. In the current conditions, channel partners know that it is important to deal with strong, stable companies.”

DISTREE XXL attracts distributors from across EMEA, including delegates from emerging markets such as the Middle East, Africa, Russia & CIS. The event serves vendors that are new to the region as well as those looking to expand or deepen their distribution reach. More than 400 distribution executives and representatives from 100-plus vendors are poised to attend this year’s DISTREE XXL.

Final applications for DISTREE XXL are still being accepted from distributors and vendors that meet the qualifying criteria. If you wish to participate in EMEA’s premier distribution conference and attend an event that delivers genuine business value, please contact fhemraj@distree.com

Find out more at www.distree.com/xxl

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