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CD3 determined to develop Discgear channels

by Stuart Wilson, Tuesday 20 January 2009

Media storage company CD3 will attend next month’s DISTREE XXL in Monaco with a view to expanding its EMEA channel coverage. The US company, which specialises in innovative solutions for organising and storing media discs, will showcase its portfolio to the 400-plus distribution companies from across EMEA attending the region’s premier channel conference.

Efi Gal-Ed, director of international sales at CD3, said: “The strength of this fast-paced, entrepreneurial company is our ability to design and manufacture innovative, well-engineered products at an affordable cost for consumers. In the last three years CD3 has designed and produced a complete family of storage solutions. These unique, patent-protected products all reflect the innovative design sense of the company.”

without taking up too much space. The result was the Selector 40 product - a storage and organisation technology that provided a compact, safe and easy access way to store discs.

“Today, the Discgear brand is focused on providing our customers at all levels with cutting edge storage solutions, beautiful design, and unusually high value. Success for us is when the customer says, ‘wow’,” added Gal-Ed. “Our products are all patent protected and our commitment to consumer satisfaction is unrivalled in our category.”

CD3 will use DISTREE XXL as a cost-efficient platform for meeting potential partners from across EMEA fuelling its goal of opening up new retail channels within the region – especially within Europe.

”Many companies talk about commitment,” explained Gal-Ed. “Our company has spent years working with our various distribution partners to deliver effective products and solutions to the marketplace based on an inventive approach to development, tempered by feedback from our partners.”

”Through our Pallet Programme, we offer a small minimum order quantity that encourages a larger range of customers to start doing business with CD3. Our distribution partners are offered a price with a good margin, which is extended to their retailers and customers, while still keeping the end consumer price competitive,” he added.

CD3 reckons that EMEA offers strong opportunities for its Discgear range with the media storage market growing at a double digit rate and the introduction of new technologies into its product portfolio.

“With the proliferation of Blu-ray discs, DVD-R’s and gaming software, consumers are increasingly desperate for a value added storage solution such as our Discgear products,” explained Gal-Ed

”Our product is customer friendly; easy to use and operate. Discgear provides a solution for specific customer needs: our products turn chaos into order, saving both space and time,” he continued.

”As a company, CD3, the maker of the Discgear products, is committed to fully engaging with our distribution partners to ensure their success. Products are ‘sold’, when the end consumer is fully satisfied with their purchase.”

DISTREE XXL creates a new, unrivalled opportunity for channel leaders across EMEA to meet and do business with their existing and prospective vendors. The event takes place in Monaco from February 9th-12th 2009.

DISTREE XXL will assemble distributors from more than 80 countries alongside leading and emerging technology vendors.

Find out more at www.distree.com/xxl

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